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To provide you with an overall solution for building automation control and fire alarm from design, supply to construction and commissioning.

D&Z PTY LTD of Australia is a professional manufacturer of intelligent building control equipment, located in the beautiful Sydney. With the concept of "service quality, integrity and innovation, and focus on professionalism", the company adheres to the principle of "precision and excellence" Good industrial design and production process, GF series intelligent building control products have achieved good reputation and remarkable achievements in the HVAC and intelligent building control industry in Australia. In 2006, D&ZPTYLTD established Hua'ao Jingkong (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. in the national green industry base of Tianjin.

Engineering Case

Cases of various industries to achieve building energy conservation and sustainable development, so that "green buildings" into public life.


The latest trends of the company, the transmission of cutting-edge information of products and the interpretation of the latest trends of the industry.

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