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Multi measures to promote building electrical energy conservation
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China is a large country of energy consumption.
Relevant statistics show that the energy consumption of building operation in China accounts for about 30% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. Therefore, in the process of building operation, taking corresponding measures for lighting, motors and other equipment can improve the energy efficiency of buildings and achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.
High efficiency lighting products become the leader of energy conservation
High efficiency light source shall be selected. According to the needs of the workplace, different types of efficient light sources are selected to reduce power consumption. The specific requirements are as follows: For lighting products in general indoor places, efficient light sources such as fluorescent lamps or low-power high-pressure sodium lamps, such as T5 thin tube and U-tube energy-saving fluorescent lamps, are preferred, meeting the limit requirements for lighting power density in the Design Standards for Building Lighting. High intensity gas discharge lamps such as metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps shall be used for general lighting and road lighting in large spaces and outdoor places. Gas discharge lamps shall adopt ballasts with low energy consumption, and fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamps must be installed with capacitors to compensate reactive power loss.
High efficiency lamps shall be selected. In addition to decoration needs, technicians shall give priority to efficient lamps with high direct light flux ratio, reasonable light control performance, high reflection or transmission coefficient and stable light distribution characteristics. Use asymmetric light distribution lamps. This kind of lamp can reduce the reflected glare in the working area, improve the visual condition and obtain higher efficiency under certain illumination. Lamps made of materials with slow deterioration rate, such as glass lampshade and enamel reflector, are selected to reduce the light energy attenuation rate. The efficiency of indoor lamps shall not be less than 70%; The efficiency of outdoor lamps shall not be less than 40%.
Select a reasonable lighting scheme. The lighting layout scheme with high luminous flux utilization coefficient shall be adopted, and the general lighting mode of partition shall be preferred. In places with air conditioning and large lighting capacity, the combination of lighting fixtures and air conditioning return outlets shall be adopted. In places where high illuminance is required or light color needs to be improved, mixed lighting consisting of more than two light sources shall be used. The indoor surface is made of light colored decorative materials with high reflectivity, which can effectively use light energy.
Lighting control and management. According to the illuminance change of natural light, the lamps shall be controlled by groups and slices. The lighting switch points shall be appropriately increased during the design, that is, the number of each switch control lamp shall not be too much, which is convenient for the management of technicians. For the lighting design of large areas, the zoning control mode can increase the flexibility of the lighting branch circuit control, so that no lights are turned on in places that do not need lighting. Where possible, dimmers, time switches, power saving switches, etc. shall be used to control electrical lighting. Lighting in public places can adopt centralized control lighting mode, and photoelectric automatic control device with time delay shall be installed. Large public areas should be equipped with intelligent lighting control systems. In the outdoor lighting system, in order to prevent lighting in the daytime, it is better to use photoelectric controller instead of lighting switch or intelligent lighting control system. The rocker switch control is set on the socket panel. When the electrical equipment is not in use, it is convenient to cut off the power supply of the socket, eliminate the no-load loss of the equipment, and achieve the purpose of power saving.
Motor energy saving is of great significance
High efficiency motor shall be selected. Motor load accounts for a large proportion of the total load of civil buildings, which is of great significance for energy conservation. Improving the efficiency and power factor of the motor is the main way to reduce the electric energy loss of the motor.
According to the Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Evaluation Values of Small and Medium sized Three phase Asynchronous Motors, the limited values of motor energy efficiency are mandatory and must be met; The energy saving evaluation value is recommended. The evaluation value of motor energy conservation is higher than the limit value of energy efficiency. When the motor meets the requirements of energy saving evaluation value, it can be considered that the motor is highly efficient.

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