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Zhejiang Aowall Intelligent Building Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating intelligent building system engineering and network information technology development. It is a new type of electronic system intelligent company specializing in building, office, precision plant, hospital, hotel and residential products.

The company is located in Hangzhou West Lake Science and Technology Park, with engineering department, design department, technical center and after-sales service department. The company has 32 employees and 22 engineering technicians, all of whom are from well-known universities or research institutes in China, with strong technical ability and rich engineering management experience.

The company successfully applies the digital system to the details of life and office, making you more relaxed and wonderful. The company's positioning is: to pursue professional, profound and first-class pre-sales and after-sales service; With our advanced ideas and actions, we integrate the world's advanced intelligent technology, so that you can enjoy the best energy-saving and comfortable digital life.

Company goal: to become a real professional company with values and ideas.

Adhering to the business policy of "facing the industry, based on applications and integrated solutions", the company provides customers with industry-leading high-level application solutions and professional technical support services in government agencies, hotels and schools, industrial and mining enterprises, intelligent communities, telecommunications and power, hospitals, public security, civil aviation, media and other fields. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Technology and Business University and relevant colleges and universities, and constantly integrates the latest scientific and technological concepts and achievements into the front line of intelligent industry applications by taking advantage of the cutting-edge advantages of universities, so as to realize the transformation of science and technology into productivity.

We have always followed the concept of "being a trusted partner of customers" and "providing first-class solutions", to achieve the synchronous development of the company, employees, customers and society, and to constantly pursue the goal of the company. With innovation as the core and solidarity as the support, we have constantly created customer value, and quickly provided reliable and developing system solutions for customers based on market demand.

The company is the regional agent of honeywell trend building automation system and honeywell esser fire alarm system. Many of our engineers have been trained and certified by many foreign professional manufacturers. Experienced project management personnel and on-site implementation engineers provide each user with comprehensive services such as planning, design, supply, construction guidance, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance, and provide overall solutions for various management systems. Long term engineering construction practice has cultivated a number of skilled technical teams for the company, accumulated rich engineering experience, and provided high-quality services for users. Since its establishment, the company has successfully undertaken and completed a large number of intelligent engineering projects. The owner has highly evaluated the quality of the company's engineering and the products and services provided.

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